Starting Something New

on Wed, Oct 11th (1760 Views)

Starting Something New

Starting something new can lead to a slew of emotions including anxiety, fear, excitement, and happiness. Those are the same feelings I’ve felt over the past few months in going through the process of starting my own private practice. Children can pick up on our emotions as if we wear them on our sleeve. Although there are many scary feelings associated with starting or experiencing something new, there are many positive emotions as well. Excitement, joy, and pride in knowing you have accomplished a challenging task. As I thought about what to share in my very first blog, I think about the range of emotions that children and adults feel when starting something new. A child who is starting a new school or an adult who is starting a new relationship, they are both facing the necessity of managing intense feelings. I can relate to these feelings as I begin First Step Family Counseling Inc.


I’ve found the best way to manage these strong feelings is to discuss them with a trusted person. My husband has been a rock and my listening post during my venture, and I love him for standing so strong and supportive. I encourage parents to seek out opportunities to discuss these big feelings with your children if they are going through something new. If you, as an adult, are navigating a similar situation, seek out someone who you feel comfortable with and trust to listen with a nonjudgmental ear. Expression of emotions, whether it is verbal, written, or other method is the best way to understand them and move through moments that may seem unsurpassable at the time. On occasion, it may be necessary to seek out professional support during difficult times. I view this not as a moment of weakness but rather as a strength in that one knows his/her own limits. Everyone needs support from time to time. I’m proud to share that I have built upon all of my incredibly valuable experiences and training to offer my professional support to those in need. I look forward to sharing more thoughts on this blog as my practice grows.


“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” - Plato

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